“A lifestyle of family, devoted to God and serving others…”

I’m not sure what your day is like today but I wanted to thank you for opening my heart and mind to a lifestyle of family, devoted to enjoying God and serving others… I just read an article on the Moores Foundation website and it was like a mini “CJS Seminar”… The article is here…

I first heard your CDs in Fall ’08, then again at a seminar in Houston in 2009 when I volunteered to serve at your seminar! By Spring of 2011, I interviewed you via phone for my radio show in East Tennessee! When we moved back to San Diego in 2012, I convinced my husband and mother to attend your seminar in LA… Then again in 2013, my husband and I attended your seminar in LA and again, the Holy Spirit convinced us we were doing the right thing by following the Literature Approach to home education!

Now, our boys are 10 and 12… We just started Math It with our 12 y.o., Gabriel and he is having great success! Oh, how we tortured ourselves jumping back over the years to Saxon’s multi-hour-lessons for youngsters! Every time, my husband would say, “what does Carole say about math books?” And then I’d go put my expensive curriculum away! Gabriel’s final exam for math in the “fourth grade” at age 9, almost 10 was to follow the pancake recipe on the Krusteaz pancake mix. Out of all four of us, our Gabriel is the only family member who consistently cooks perfect pancakes! This goes along with his type-A personality that would have died in a classroom but thrives in his homeschool environment. You gave me permission to love my boys the way I wanted to instinctively, but because of my character flaws (people-pleasing), there was no way I could’ve obeyed the Father’s leading… But alas, God was leading me to solid research, studies and methods that would enable me to obey that inner-voice… And he used you to do it.

Two years ago, when that same Gabriel wrote his first essay, up against 80+ students, he won an annual scholarship for the prestigious and wonderful San Diego Junior Theater! We had been reading, reading, reading and listening to audio books since Gabe was six and look! It actually worked!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. I pray your heart is delighting in the One who made you who you are. I pray that your work and obstacles do not gain a foothold of bitterness or frustration with or against those you are called to minister to. I pray the joy of the Lord is our strength for the journey… As one wise woman said.. The days are long but the years are short!

With much gratitude, affection and warmth,

Katie Smith ~ Academy of Future Men, San Diego, CA


“Mommy, where are our diamonds, rubies and gold?”

Even though this was my fourth Part I seminar (in less than 2 years) I left the conference renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle anything that might come my way.  Thank you for your continued dedication to the homeschool cause–homeschooling according to God’s plan, design and will!

I don’t attend any other homeschooling conferences other than yours and I save and use my homeschooling dollars to buy treasures you bring to your visits.  I look forward to coming to your conferences very early in order to get the best of what you have to share.  There is so much “junk” out there, even when it comes to books and I trust you and depend on building our homeschooling library each year through what you bring.  In fact, our 3 girls know that even during our trips to the library we must be careful to only bring “treasure” books home.  They know that “Mrs. Seid” helps mommy find the treasure that is on our shelves at home.  Our girls are still little ( 7, 7 and 8 ) and it requires great sacrifice on their part to be ok with mommy leaving for an entire day to attend one of Mrs. Seid’s conferences.  Do you want to know what their reward is at the end of that long day? . . . .  BEAUTIFUL BOOKS to add to our library.  Do you know what my girls ask as I walk through the door after one of your conferences?  “Mommy, where are our diamonds, rubies and gold that you brought home . . . ?”  They welcome me at the door and immediately ask for the treasures!  We then cuddle and get introduced to the new books mommy brings home.  They even love getting to see and hear about the books I purchased for them to read when they are older.  Our girls know we only read treasure books and they know that mommy brings treasures home when she attends one of Mrs. Seid’s conferences.

I hope this email encourages you to continue providing us with your thoughtful and insightful selection of treasure.  I know it must be very difficult to weed through the endless possibilities, however, please know we value and treasure the treasures you bring to our homeschool . . . and I know we are not the only family that feels this way!  And the treasures I bring home are being passed on to the next generation!

May the Lord continue to bless you and the work that you do for him!

Claudia Barba ~ Camarillo, CA


How do I spell relief

“How do I spell relief in homeschool speak? Wise counsel from a mom who has been where I am going! Several years ago when our family embarked upon our homeschool adventure, Carole Seid was one of those moms. She also happened to be an accomplished seminar speaker who was “in town” right when I was struggling to figure out how to approach learning excellence with our precious daughter, Sarah. Early on Sarah exhibited a learning difference that had us all wringing our hands and tossing the normal workbook/textbook approach at the wall, but then entered the Lord’s provision of excellent counsel through Carole Seid! While I sat in Carole’s seminar called “A Literature Based Approach to Homeschooling,” my raging fears of ruining my daughter were extinguished with the kindness of the Lord and new filling grace for our family. Carole communicates a gentle and loving vision for honoring and nurturing our children in their uniqueness using literature as the powerful train that takes students deep into understanding many, many subject areas. I thank the Lord for Carole Seid’s gift of sharing hope and direction through a communication style that is punctuated with fun stories and humorous commentary. Foundational to her educational expertise, Carole has definitely done her research; she maintains an excellent grasp of neurological and behavioral development, which has such a significant impact on how our children learn. Because Carole invested herself in homeschooling her son, she has first hand experience with walking through the subjects and seasons of the homeschool family. Eight years after that early stage of homeschooling, my Sarah, now a freshman in high school and still homeschooled, is a writer of novels! Imagine, if you can, a child who started her learning career with a seemingly hopeless learning difference, but now is cranking out beautifully designed literature that has her charging into research on her own so that she can be “accurate” with her facts! Happy Mom am I to train and disciple a child who is now powerfully motivated to learn and who is flourishing into the natural giftings and talents the Lord created in her. And it all started with a simple seminar by Carole Seid….A Literature Based Approach to Homeschooling! ”

Dee Fitzpatrick – California


“We can do this!”

Will and I first attended Carole’s this seminar 13 years ago when we were pregnant with our first child. While we had no idea what homeschooling was walking in that day, we were really charged up afterwards and said to each other: “we can do this!”

However, over time, we began to drift and implement other Home Education philosophies that began to burn us out again, though some worked well.

Last year I was convicted to go for it (come to the seminar if you want to know what this means) and I have been using her curriculum and ideas since. The past 18 months have been so rich with discussion over great living books and free from pressure to do more.  I feel like we are spending time on what’s important and I am ENJOYING teaching my kids AND being a Mom – you can actually do both! Of course we have our stressful seasons, but overall we have been thriving.

Are you burned out? Are you wondering if you are not doing enough? Or, possibly too much? Do you need to be encouraged, as a couple, right where you are at. Need some GREAT book recommendations? Are you perhaps praying for a fresh vision for your home school adventure? We have found that there is something for everyone at Carole’s seminars and we never walk away empty-handed – but with a vision filled with God’s mercy and grace.

Carole Joy Seid has been such a huge encouragement to our family over the last several years. Her seminars and ideas for how to home school in a non-hectic and realistic way have been life-changing for me.  Her literature recommendations and insight into home schooling are refreshing and inspiring every time I hear her.

Parents, grandparents, dads and moms and older students and would really enjoy this.  My mom has come along and loved it.  Also, we have brought Claire who is now 12, to a seminar, and she found Carole to be engaging and fun!

Holly Gruver


Her yoke is easy

“Thanks for the great seminars, and all the homework you do to pull together the best information to give out to us. Your teaching reminds me of a verse (come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light’) Thanks for lifting the heavy yoke.”

Valerie Gorman ~ Minnesota


Reading in a tree

“One of the things I remember I doing after the first seminar was I gave my son one of Carol’s recommended books as a gift. And to give it a nudge I suggested he go outside and read the book maybe climb a tree….. He decided to climb on one his favorite trees (an Olive Tree). It was a beautiful sight to see my son perched on a tree reading his book enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. What a gift! He enjoyed reading Patricia St. Johns’ books alot. Those are the books that I remember he ended reading three chapters at a time.”

Vivian Chaffey ~ Bay area, CA


A happy father

“I live by a simple motto: If Mamma ain’t happy… Ain’t no one happy. You bring so much joy to my wife & family, I owe you big time. Thank you for your wisdom & kindness.”

Brett Eirich ~ Santa Ana, CA


Homeschooling is a joy!

“Thank you for your direction. Your seminars, CD’s and phone consultations have been such an enormous blessing to our family. We appreciate your ‘lifting the yoke’ philosophy. Homeshooling your way truly is a joy!”

Dr. & Mrs. Tom and Carrin Minahan ~ California


Our family is free!

“My husband and I are so grateful for Carole’s ministry! My family is a changed family. My children have always been close and loving to each other. However, they have become better versions of themselves. They are a little team. They take care of each other and put each others needs and wants above their own. I am constantly amazed. It is such a blessing to be a part. We are so grateful that Carole still travels nationally speaking about her way of homeschooling! Our family is free today because of her dedication and hard work. We are forever grateful. ”

Tracy Marcus ~ California


The blessing is perhaps the most powerful parenting concept…

The blessing is perhaps the most powerful parenting concept in the Scriptures. In my counseling practice, I regularly see adults and children wounded from the absence of their parent’s blessing. This seminar can change the legacy of your family. It’s a must to the well being of your children — even if your children are adults!

Shannon Lane, TN


Oh, the books we are enjoying

“I first wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the seminar I attended a couple of weeks ago in Franklin. I absolutely loved it and it made so much sense. You will never know how freeing and what a blessing this method is. We have implemented it and it is going so well! Oh, the books we are enjoying!”

Amy ~ Tennesee


Homeschool graduate now homeschools

“First off, let me just say that I am crazy about Carole Joy Seid!! As a homeschool graduate myself, she has totally revolutionized my philosophy of home education! My husband and I greatly appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge with others… IT has had a tremendous influence on our family!”

Courtney Byron ~ Kentucky


On nutritional consulting with Carole

“Just this evening Arnold claims to have had the “best” chicken he has EVER had! Poor guy–I’ve been depriving him with my inability to cook… Wow–even the girls complimented me on the chicken!

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that this morning they had fun smashing raw pecans and sprinkling them on their steel cut oatmeal I prepared overnight in my crockpot with almond milk– Carole, the girls eating the nuts on the oat meal is a miracle!

Ever since we got off the phone I have been praying hard that the Lord would help our girls to learn to eat and what they have eaten and/or attempted to eat has been a miracle! Thank you Jesus!

Thank you so much for all the information you have shared with us. We are on our way to becoming healthier Americans”

Claudia Barba~ California


Homeschool has never been the same

Several years ago, my husband and I attended a Carole Joy Seid seminar We decided to get rid of our own agenda and matching curriculum, and follow a philosophy of learning that seeks to reach our children’s hearts and minds for God’s glory, according to His design. Our homeschool has never been the same since. My husband and I consult with Carole three times a year to make sure we stay on the right path, and to tailor what we teach and how we teach our three daughters. She has been faithful to encourage, counsel, and help us pursue the vision we believe God has for our children’s education and their futures in the Kingdom of God.

Claudia Barba ~ Camarillo, CA


Husband’s life is now changed

After attending 2 of your seminars last year, I finally was able to convince my husband to come to this last one – He now reads the Bible every night to our family and we are experiencing peaceful evenings filled with family love and Christian presence.

Lisa ~ California


Consulting with Carole – Priceless

I have been attending Carole’s seminars for 9 years. My oldest is 14, and my other two are 4 and 7. She was a breath of fresh air to me. I always knew that we would home school, that we were called to do this. But, when I heard her speak, her philosophy was the one that resonated with who I was and gave me the first few blocks with which to build my educational philosophy. I began to consult with Carole and her one-on-one encouragement was priceless. I asked my husband to attend the next seminar that fall and he, too, was changed and moved by what she had to say.

In looking back over the last decade, I’m so thankful to have found her when I did, otherwise I might have been swayed here and there with all of the many ways there are to home school, or worse, I possibly would have even given up when it proved too difficult. It was then that we charted a course for our educational beliefs, which has been the core of our reasons why and how we do what we do. That core has been our philosophical anchor, our foundation, the one that we keep coming back to time and again.

Carole’s philosophy is a literature-based approach to education and that one can pretty much teach them with just a library card and a math book! Yes, she loves both Sing Spell Read and Write and Math U See, but her seminar is more that just telling you what to buy; it’s more about why and how to do what you do. As I’m sure you know, the decision to educate your children at home is much more than just about academics. It is about building character through teaching them to serve, teaching them to work, helping them to develop a curiosity about the world around them, how to treat that world and their fellowman, etc. Carole says that education is a 3-legged stool; one leg is study, one leg is work, and one leg service. If we only focus on the one, then the stool will fall. Academics grows in importance as our children grow, but early on, the other two take precedence in building while they are young.

I love nothing more than to dig deep and find new discoveries, just waiting out there for me! I truly understand that $45 could buy a lot of used books (or supplies, or whatever), but the investment that you will be making in yourself and your children will help both you and your family in many ways; much more than buying 20 used books, a month of gymnastics, or a weeks worth of groceries. More than half of the room at Carole\’s conferences are from return registrants, moms and dads who have been home schooling for many, many years. They come to every seminar she gives, simply because they know they need the encouragement and refreshment she brings. And, because, every year, they are at a different point along their journey as their children grow, and need vision for the coming year (or to end the present one well!).

Although she does bring many of the books that are on her coveted “book list”, you are by no means required to purchase anything. It is a service she provides. Simply come as you are. Bring your husband. There is no childcare, but perhaps you can trade off with another mom for that day. It will be well worth both your time and financial investment.

Mary Jane Rushlow ~ Tennessee


Didn’t want Carole to stop to talking

“I appreciated your workshop. It was fabulous and I learned so much. I will be incorporating so much what you shared. As I told a friend of mine, I didn’t want her to stop talking. I was sitting on the edge of my chair soaking in every bit!”

Lisa ~ Washington


Everything she says works

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so grateful to God for how He is using you. The difference you are making in children’s lives is indescribable. Our school year will be so rich and wonderful. Thank you for giving me the courage to put into practice what I knew all along, deep down in my heart. I don’t think we could have made the changes without you. Our two precious children’s lives will be forever changed because of your ministry….6 years later Rebecca says, “Everything she says works.”

Rebecca Libke ~ Rogers, MN